Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Excuses. Laziness. Sacrifices.

Laziness is our biggest problem. Excuses are next on the list.

We chose to make a decision that will require less effort. I could go for a walk... but hey there is a show on TV I want to watch. I could take the stairs but why would I, the elevator is right there. Look at all the parking spots... I bet there is one a lot closer. It's not because we need to watch that TV show, or we need to save a minute or two by taking the elevator (it is usually slower!) and likewise for parking closer to save time... probably spent more time looking for that spot than you would have walking from a little further away. All of these are excuses to be lazy.

I know because I used to make these decisions. You could tell :P. Now I chose the options that require a little effort, you can tell ;).

The idea of fitness is easier to grasp than most people realize. I am pretty adamant that if I can do it... anyone can. You take a pudgy fat ass such as myself 6 years ago, plain and simple I was lazy. I didn't want to put in the effort required to walk that extra step. I didn't want to make an effort to eat healthier. Until I decided that I was going to change my mind about getting myself to the gym and change my eating habits... I was "doomed" to my unhealthy lifestyle.

So yes, sacrifice. Sacrifice that TV show that you absolutely have to see. Sacrifice those few moments you think you will save taking an elevator or finding a closer parking spot. Sacrifice convenience... it's hard to do I know because isn't that what it's there for? Sure but at what cost?

Come on put in a little effort. Ok... a little more then.


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